Gears of War 4 was recently announced for Windows 10 by Microsoft during E3 2016 press conference. After the confirmation, the developing studio’s technical director Michael Rayne spoke with Inquisitr’s spokesperson regarding games performance on the Windows 10.

Gears of War 4 To Have Unlocked Frame Rates on Windows 10

Regarding game’s frame rates on the Windows 10, the technical director said that there is no limit on the PCs. Frame rates for Windows 10 gamers will be determined on the basis of their system specifications. He said;

On the Xbox we’re running at 30hz, 1080p for the campaign, 60hz, 1080p for multiplayer. On Windows 10, PC gamers will run as fast as your hardware will support. So you can lock it to your Vsync or your monitor refresh rate, or you can run it fully unlocked, you know, 120 frames or whatever your system can support.

Because of the way the engine works, at the core it supports a variable time stamp. The way that the network updates happen between co-op [or] two players, we can have the PC game running at the higher frame rate against the Xbox One at a fixed frame rate. And everything works.

Gears of War 4 the first game with the support for Play Anywhere feature, allowing players to play from either Xbox One or Windows 10 with their shared progress and achievements. The game releases on October 11th.

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