Last month, upcoming Gears of War 4 was confirmed for the Windows 10 PCs. The game will be heading to PC and Xbox One later this year and the developing studio The Coalition announced some features of the PC version of the game.

While speaking with Eurogamer in his recent interview, technical director of The Coalition studio Mike Rayner confirmed some of the graphical features of the PC version of Gears Of War 4, i.e., unlocked frame rates, dynamic resolution support, increased texture resolution, benchmark mode and more.

It appears that the studio is working hard to deliver highly optimized experience for PC gamers, as previously it was announced that the game will run all the content at 4K resolution. According to the technical director Rayner, the game is supported with v-sync and will be offering unlocked frame rates to the PC gamers.

“With Unreal Engine 4 and our own custom modifications, we can take much better advantage of multiple CPU cores, alleviating the game from being CPU-bound and allowing more room for the GPU to shine with enhanced visual quality or higher frame rates. Single-player will not be locked to 30fps on PC.”

While he also confirmed the graphical features which will be available for PC gamers.

-Dynamic resolution support (any resolution will be supported with a sensible dynamic field of view – including ultra-wide).
-Increased texture resolution (up to 4K resolution for select texture groups).
-A benchmark mode.
-Full keyboard/mouse input remapping (including cover/run and roll split).
-Far more comprehensive video settings.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced Xbox One S 2TB Gears of War 4 Limited Edition which will be available from October 7th, priced around $450. While the game launches on October 11th for Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Stay tuned for more updates!

Via: Eurogamer

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