A survey conducted among developers for the next Games Developers Conference (GDC 2015) (2 to 6 March) has yielded interesting results. PC platform remains the developers favorite development area, despite the significant and expected advancement of household Microsoft and Sony consoles.

GDC 2015: New survey indicates that the PC platform remains a favorite among the Developers


The number of teams working on new games for the Xbox One and PS4 has increased considerably in 2014. 26% of the developers have said they are working on products for PS4, while 22% plan to place their work on console from Microsoft. These numbers imply an increase over the previous year, where the PS4 was mentioned by 14% of developers, while the Xbox One by only 12%. This growth is expected, as the previous year consoles were still very young and based on very limited user.

But all that should matter little to the Master Race, as the PC is still the undisputed king. 56% of developers, both AAA and independent, who will attend the GDC have said they plan to place their new productions on PC. Our beloved platform surpasses even the phones and tablets, which have experienced a slight decline from the previous year: 50% of developers will be presenting mobile products in March (compared to 53% last year).

Finally, the same survey also reflected the relentless and seemingly inexorable rise of digital distribution methods over conventional methods. 60% of developers say that most of its revenues come primarily from digital sales, while only 13% get most of their income from retail sales methods.

Finally, eSports continue to rise. One in ten developers who will attend the Gamescom says they are working on some kind of eSport game, which both are intended not as a product but as services that are able to achieve long-term benefits/goals.

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