Acer and Asustek Computer (Asus) are achieving great success in the increasingly successful market of gaming monitors. According to Digitimes, Asus dominates the gaming sector thanks to present a growth of over 30 percent in Europe during 2015, while Acer dominates North America and ranks among the top three vendors in the Asia Pacific.

Gaming Monitors: Acer and ASUS lead the Sales


Currently, we have five leaders who manufacture monitors are Dell, Philips, HP, Lenovo and Samsung followed by Acer, Asustek, BenQ and ViewSonic. Acer, Asus, BenQ and Viewsonic, none of these four manufacturers are able to fight with the leading suppliers worldwide, but it hardly matters when the headquarters of Asus in Taiwan is very happy with the contribution of the profits they made .

Despite the fact that the PC monitor market continues to suffer a drop in sales, shipments of Asus monitors have enjoyed growth over the past 10 years and had a growth of 30% over the last year in Europe. The company recorded strong growth in shipments in Germany, France and Spain in that yearAcer also provides a solid performance in the monitor market. In addition to becoming the largest supplier in North America, it is also the main actor in Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia, ranking third in Asia Pacific with an increase growth of 26% in shipment over the past year.

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