It seems that Microsoft hasn’t learned anything with Windows Live, and its new gaming platform known as Windows Store Games will be much worse. Remember that the company will only offer some of its Triple A titles PC through its online platform rather than opt for other like Steam, and that will cost you too much that we are sure you will have to back down since all games purchased through the Windows Store Games platform will bring serious limitations. There are several pitfallls to buying “Rise of the Tomb Raider” or any other AAA game through Microsoft Store, as users on Reddit found out.

Games on Windows Store will not support VSync, SLI / Crossfire, Fullscreen and Mods


Start with the most important, no configurations support AMD CrossFireX or NVIDIA SLI, so if you have 2 graphics cards, the game will take advantage of only one. Although it seems a joke, but we can’t run game on full screen (just borderless windowed mode or pseudo-fullscreen), and V-sync being always-on. The games will not support mods,  mouse macros or use of any software to check FPS. What’s more, since UAP apps don’t have *.exe extensions, you can’t add them to Steam, and if you have a Steam Controller then you can’t use it. In short, we can say that the Windows Store Games is a scourge.

The next game which will be released through Windows Store Games is Quantum Break, lets see what happens.

Via: TechPowerUp

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