Former PlayStation boss in the United States, Shawn Layden has described the current development of current Triple A games as “simply not sustainable” and has suggested that the duration and price of the games may have to be adjusted in the next generation of consoles.

This comment took place during Gamelab Live and he was referring to the recently released The Last of Us Part 2, exclusive title for PlayStation 4, with which he indicated that it is twice as long as the first installment and that it took twice as long to develop.

Although the former PlayStation executive did not comment on the budget for the Naughty Dog game, he referred to a common theory that development costs had doubled with each new generation of consoles, claiming that games of the current generation had reached a budget between 80 and 150 million dollars for most Triple A games.

“The problem with that model is that it is not sustainable. I don’t think in the next generation you can take those numbers and multiply them by two and think you can grow,” Shawn Layden said.

“I think the industry as a whole needs to sit down and say, OK, what are we building? What is the audience’s expectation? What is the best way to convey our story and say what we have to say?”

The former PlayStation executive, who left Sony in 2019 after a three-decade career, suggested that shorter games could help control development costs on not just the PlayStation 5, but the Xbox Series X as well.

“It is difficult for all adventure games to reach the milestone of 50 or 60 hours of play, because it will be much more expensive to achieve.”



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