The latest generation of High-End Haswell -E desktop processors, X99 motherboards and DDR4 are now open in the wild, previously we see that giants like Corsair and G.Skills are rushing the default MHz of DDR4 memory, till now Corsair is winning this race with it’s 3300MHz DDR4 Memory. Now the latest news may be surprised you, because Galaxy is also entered in this race with his HOF DDR4 Memory.

Galaxy to launch HOF DDR4 memory modules with 3200MHz

Galaxy HOF DDR4

In fact, GALAXY in the Computex Taipei 2014 first time demonstrates their HOF DDR3 memory product with the frequency of 3000MHz, this is not only the first black HOF series products, but more importantly is GALAXY finally made his entry to this area. Galaxy HOF DDR4 memory will use the same design, with a black PCB and black heatsink.

It is understood that GALAXY HOF DDR4 memory capacity will be in single 4GB and 8GB two kinds, the default maximum frequency reached 3200MHz, the timing for the CL16, while the voltage remains of only 1.2V (Note: DDR4 default is 1.2V, DDR3 default 1.5V and Low voltage also 1.35V), but also support the formation of the four channels on Haswell-E platform.

In addition to the 3200MHz version GALAXY will also introduce more frequency versions, including 3000MHz, 2800MHz, 2666MHz, 2400MHz, 2133MHz, count in front of 3200MHz, a total of 12.

Now we have yet to see the HOF DDR4 product in kind, but the Galaxy has shown interest in memory products and they are also working in this field to expand its influence.