After calling off the Galaxy Note 7 following the battery fiasco, Samsung is now focused towards working on next smartphone from the S series, the Galaxy S8. According to the reports, the South Korean technology giant is fully working to add innovative features and numerous improvements in the upcoming smartphone.

Galaxy S8 to get Digital AI Assistant

One of them is the virtual device assistant. As most of the smartphones including Apple and Google’s operating system got their digital assistants, Samsung will be bringing its own digital voice assistant in the coming smartphone. The news was confirmed a few hours ago today, according to which, the users will be able to do anything without opting for any third party app.

According to the Executive VP of Samsung, Rhee In-jong, the artificial intelligence service will be made available to other electronic consumer goods of the company such as refrigerators, wearables and will provide new experiences for the customers. He said;

“Our Galaxy smartphones don’t provide services that enable consumers to order pizza or coffee, but does provide third party applications. But the new AI platform will enable consumers to do things that they would usually do through a separate third party application,”

He also noted that Viv Labs would be a great choice for working on the digital assistant. Viv Labs is a company known for working on the Apple’s AI assistant, the Siri. The AI company was acquired by Samsung last month and works great with the third-party services. Furthermore, AI assistant Samsung aims to provide will be a sort of ‘open platform’, as the VP Rhee In-jong stated that “Developers can attach and upload services to our agent”.

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If things go well with the assistant, it will help the company to recover its financial losses after the battery fiasco and the worldwide recall of Galaxy Note 7, that stands around $5.4 billion. The Galaxy S8 is expected to be revealed during Spring next year, just like previous years. The smartphone is under speculations lately and the specifications are yet to be announced officially. Stay tuned for more updates!

Via: Reuters

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