Samsung Electronics has faced lots of ups and downs in 2014 and in the end, we have seen that those conditions drag them to the decline in terms of market share and profits both fell. The main reason for such poor situation was Galaxy S5 disappointing. Samsung in the third half has released a metal frame Galaxy Note 4 and curved screen phone Note edge, so finally things were coming to the right path, but in order to raise the bar again last night they released the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge. Is it design and performance is featuring big improvements and will it save Samsung from decline?  First, let’s look at the domestic and international media demo feels.

Galaxy S6 / S6 edge Demo Experience: Samsung’s best phone ever


Galaxy S6 abandons the much-maligned plastic body, spends more upscale metal frame and glass cover, the machine looks more texture and feel compared to the Galaxy S5 has significantly improved, but the glass cover is easier to stay Under fingerprints. Also, do not lose the convenience of a detachable design, but it also allows the body more beautiful.

The machine front and rear camera has an infrared focus function (Note: the use of infrared distance sensors front, rear the use of a heart rate meter), but also includes some new features, such as the professional mode, you can adjust the shutter, ISO manual, etc., and can output RAW format; fast camera can shoot photos in 0.7 seconds; the self-timer mode, press and hold the back of the flash with your fingers to automatically recognize faces and the self-timer (but how to use the self-timer lever by words?).


Sina Technology: Finally, something with good user experience

As for the Galaxy S6 has more than two curved sides of the screen, but only one do the job, Sina editors think that the Note edge side screen function was not significantly improved.

They have summarized that the two phones has brought us a lot of surprises, in addition to the hardware upgrade, Samsung has also done lots of homework on user experience, now it is the Apple iPhone 6 more powerful competitors.

Tencent Digital: The work has changed

Tencent think that Samsung years before used large plastic, but not they have replaced with glass panel + metal which is a good thing as people have the urge to want more experience from their favorite brand, product and the design is the biggest change for the Samsung Smastphones, compared to plastic now they have the opportunity to regain market recognition. For outstanding camera, they raised a very interesting description: In the middle of the island clear lake suddenly appeared, too conspicuous. However, taking into account, the smartphone thickness is only 6.8mm.


Galaxy S6 edge when we compared to Note edge screen completely solves the problem of handedness, and no longer separate from the main screen, but as a whole also featuring a variety of features focusing on communication, return to the origin of the phone. On the palm side, the contact area is narrower.

The smartphones are equipped with screen resolution (2K) and brightness (600nit) we can say both have been improved, also the problem of greenish does not exist, but considering the battery is only 2550 / 2600mAh and can not be replaced this parameter will still worrying life.

As for the processor we can see a drastic change, the core hardware of the flagships is in-house components including processor, memory and flash memory. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is featuring Exynos 7420 processor 8-Cores and 64-bit design manufactured with more advanced 14nm FinFET technology, also integrates baseband, but desperate to high Tonghua, you can please your eyes with the benchmarks here.

The Verge: Design will be in the first place

Obviously Samsung doesn’t want to repeat the same mistakes of 2014, so in order to make two new machines appear to have the value of the premium flagship phone, Samsung’s chief designer, said they utilize their all resources to use the new material, which even more than the metal frame. So we don’t need to mention the difference between Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6 / S6 edge, they think the latter is more interesting and more to look forward to, the experience is even better compared to the Note edge.


For this design, Samsung has made some sacrifices may even make a small portion of hardcore fans unhappy, for example, canceled the MicroSD / TF card slot, removable battery, and even waterproof as well. But the result is that, if you do not consider the Apple iPhone and similar this “eternal topic”, the phones can be said that Samsung has done the best looking ever.

In addition to design, they also integrate a lot of new technologies, including a new generation of processors, memory, and flash memory, OIS 16-Mega Pixel camera, fingerprint sensor, auxiliary rate meter, infrared camera, wireless charging, loud speakers, and more Fast charging speed and NFC / MST pay, in addition to the system pre-installed applications, Samsung has reduced them by 40%.

Samsung and Apple will be under a high on mobile payments, in addition to their NFC, but also through acquisitions LoopPay get MST technology, coupled with the fingerprint recognition, consisting of the entire Samsung payment function, supports MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Bank of America, Citigroup and other banks, the future will have to pay 90% of the retailers to support the Samsung, but first will have to wait until late summer on the line.

Galaxy S6 / S6 edge is tantamount to doing the best Samsung mobile phones, much better than the S5, but still make time to prove whether they impress the players or not.

Engadget: Best Samsung mobile phones

Engadget has said that Galaxy S6 / S6 edge are the best Samsung smartphone ever, after all they are representing the latest generation, we can not go backwards, but their attitudes and other media are the same as giving a heartfelt admiration, especially the latter, they said that this Samsung mobile phones are the most beautiful, feel the best phone, reminiscent of HTC One M8 body smoother to the touch, but also closer than M9, but not as good as it is stunning S6, S6 is almost metallic glass plus upgraded version.


System flow, the system is based on Android 5.0 Lollipop TouchWiz UI is no much difference in functionality, but the Material Design to make it more concise, the TouchWiz site editor said this is the first time to let him have the feeling intoxicated. Field experience has not been installed on the prototype of the final version of all applications, but fluency is very good, responsive, and compared to HTC One M9 is not comparable, which also benefited from the performance upgrade Exynos 7420, 20 percent compared to previous generations progress while power consumption is pushed down.

Engadget also mentioned other new technologies, including enhanced camera parameters, fast camera, auto focus tracking, and so on, as well as rapid charging, wireless charging, payment technology. But this should also be considered when buying two important issues: one is no MicroSD card slot, there are capacity requirements, please consider 64GB and 128GB versions, the other one is that battery can not be replaced.

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