We all know that form few years the world Smart Phones giant Samsung releases their S Generation phones in Spring and Fall is the time for the Note. Today Samsung’s Mobile Vice President on Bloomberg revealed that the New Galaxy S5 will release probably in March or April, same as past year’s we are still focused at this time.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Still, we don’t know much about the specification, but it seems like now Samsung follow Apple’s lead including a 64-bit ARM-based processor with 4Gb ram  Specs-wise, it seems likely that Samsung will follow Apple’s lead and include a 64-bit ARM-based processor inside the Galaxy S5, probably partnered with at least 4GB of RAM.
Also, there is Samsung Gear 2 with it, with more advance features and improvements.  Additionally, she has talked about the shape of Samsung S5, that now we shift from the previous design of S3 and S4; this mean we can also expect changes in shape.

According to the Executive there is a news that Galaxy S5 will release after MWC 2014, but now it’s seems like Samsung will continue the Spring Trend for the release for S Generation Smartphones.