HOF Hall of Fame series is the Galaxy’s Top Class Graphic series, contemporary NVIDIA GTX 700 series graphics cards, including Gtx 760 / 770 / 780 / 780Ti have launched in HOF Edition, after air cooling, there is also a water-cooled radiator named as Gtx 780Ti HOF V2. This elite series is now no longer confined to High-End models as now Galaxy is preparing to launch a mid-range Graphic Card Gtx 750Ti HOF.

Galaxy Rolls out GeForce GTX 750 Ti HOF

Galaxy GTX 750 Ti HOF

GTX 750 Ti uses Maxwell’s GM107 core architecture, the biggest advantage is the temperature and power consumption, TDP is only 75W. But GALAXY GTX 750 Ti HOF order to pursue perfection, with a long white PCB and even also use 8pin, So I believe in performance and Overclocking if we compare others version of Gtx 750Ti, Galaxy one has a lead now.

Meanwhile, in order to suppress the higher frequency of the core, this card also features the usual HOF series “Trident” cooling solution, but the card using three 80mm fans and two 6mm heat pipes,relatively speaking, it should be able to be called for the mini version, but it allows the card to refresh the GTX 750 Ti length records. In addition, the card also features a metal backplate, not only to help heat the back of the device, but also to avoid PCB damage from deformation force.

Interface, except 8pin , it has two DVI and two DisplayPort video output interface.

Galaxy GTX 750 Ti HOF

GALAXY GTX 750 Ti HOF in appearance already strong enough, then the performance and Overclocking capabilities and how much it takes a lead? Next we will be testing the card, I would urge continued attention.