Have you noticed the changes yet? Well, at least I have! There have been some significant changes of GALAXY recently. A sweet and fresh web design and most importantly the brand has been renamed to ‘Galax’. The Galaxy Graphics Card line is more toward to the gamers series.  Recently, GALAXY has officially released its most high-end, Hall of Fame cards GTX 980 HOF and GTX 970 HOF, very unique white PCB and white radiators, three fans, 4x 8mm heat pipes + 3x 6mm heat pipes (total 7 nickel-plated heat pipes). Frequencies are also high as possible 1.3GHz and 1.2GHz default frequency.

Galaxy Releases New Members of Hall Of Fame: GTX 980 HOF & GTX 970 HOF

Galax GTX 980 HOF

GALAXY GTX 900 series graphics cards use HOF fully non-reference PCB and heat sink, which is 10-layer PCB design, the PCB is fully White with 4x 8mm heat pipes + 3x 6mm heat pipes. Also the Integrated MOSFET heatsink, the top is equipped with the LED lights and now the GFE software vendors have begun to support third-party LED discolored.

The Galaxy Official website did not give a specific PCB diagram, but GTX 980/970 HOF IR3595 uses a new generation of digital control circuit, 8 + 2 phase power design, using IR3555 DrMOS, support 60A current output.

In terms of specifications of GALAXY GTX 980 HOF has the higher default clock frequency of 1304MHz, accelerating frequency 1418MHz, memory frequency of 1752MHz, the capacity of 4GB. The default clock frequency is even higher than many cards turbo boost frequencies. Well, you don’t have to overclock it if you are a gamer, But for Overclocking enthusiasts, the card will give them full pleasure. The data given by Galaxy tell us the story that on air-cooled you can overclock it to 1.5GHz and on LN2 it can achieve 2.1GHz very easy.

Galaxy GTX 980 HOF

GALAXY GTX 970 HOF design is same as the Gtx 980, but the frequencies are different. The core frequency 1216Mz, turbo boost frequency 1380MHz, memory frequency of 1752MHz, the capacity of 4GB GDDR5. While the GTX 980 has 2048 CUDA core and the GTX 970 has 1664 CUA core.

Galaxy Hall Of Fame GTX 980 & GTX 970 Pictures:

Galaxy GTX 980 HOF

Galaxy GTX 980 HOF

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