Galaxy S5’s launch is around the corner, the flagship device is said to be released this week (the week at which the article is written) and along with the rumors of flagship phones from competitor brands, a strange rumor is heating up about the most awaited Galaxy Note 4.

Galaxy Note 4: The True Successor of Note 3

We got the news from our sources that the phablet is said to have these rumored specifications and features.

Galaxy Note 3 and S4
Galaxy Note 3 and S4

Just like Note 3, Note 4 is said to have a brilliant screen which is a common trait in Galaxy Note lineup. And since the screen size is always increased in the note lineup, therefore we can expect a screen size of 6 inches since Note 3 had a 5.7″ display. We are not quite sure of the resolution of the screen but it is said to be a 1440p (2560×1440) screen with a pixel density of 510 ppi compared to Note 3’s 388 ppi.

Samsung’s arch rival, Apple, struck the mobile world by releasing the first 64 bit SoC in its iphone lineup, therefore there were rumors of Galaxy S5 having a 64 bit CPU as well but after he official release of specs, there was less to be bothered about the 64 bit CPU, it had a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 801 Quad core Krait 400 CPU based on 32 bit architecture. But, according to Korean times, the SoC of Note 4 may have a 64 bit CPU.

Following the Galaxy Note lineage, we know it for sure that Note 4 would be a big device. What’s new is that it is said to have a curved design (according to reports posted by Korean times). many phones belonging to Galaxy lineup had a curved display, like, Galaxy S Advance, Nexus S (developed by close coaliation of google with samsung) but a flagship phone never had a curved screen, so this could be new.

Since Galaxy Note 3 was released in September 2013, and since Note 3 was a big success for Samsung therefore we could understand that they might mark the end of Note 3’s rule after one year so thereofre we can expect a Q3 launch. And with the cue that Note 3 was launched at IFA 2013, and IFA 2014 held in Berlin is at 5-10th September hints that it may mark the unveil of Note 4.
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