G2A, a digital marketplace of game keys known for providing keys at a lower cost is in the news for a couple of months as the video game publisher and developer tinyBuild claimed that around $450,000 worth of game keys were sold over the site without any payment to the publisher.

After some days of the dispute, G2A decided to pay ten percent of the total sales made from the site (which is now called as G2A direct) and also announced that the market place have added a new layer of authentications for the sellers which will also include steps such as phone number verification.

However, recently Klepek of Kotaku had a long discussion with MangaGamer, a localizer of adult visual novels who also reported as one of the victims of stolen keys. According to the localizer MangaGamer, the problem started in the month of February when new accounts were created, the games were purchased and then were refunded as well. All of this happened with the use of single IP address, who used a multiple number of stolen credit cards on the website. While the payment processor when realized that the stolen cards were used, the publisher MangaGamer was hit with the penalty of chargeback fee which was near the price of the game’s key. According to the MangaGamer,

“When a chargeback occurs on purchase of a $40 game, we lose both the $40 from the canceled sale, and take a $30 penalty. So at a hundred fraudulent purchases, that’s $3,000 lost; $30,000 if there are 1000 keys stolen.” said the PR director John Pickett.

After some time, the studio decided to publish a blog on its website regarding the matter and in the meanwhile, someone claimed that he is the hacker, lives in Brazil. MangoGamer confirmed the verification of identity of the hacker and he later explained how he did it and made profits. The famous hacker used to do such things as according to him, it was an easy job with minimum chances of being caught. He used to buy game keys from stolen credit cards and then reselling it to the market places such as G2A. He also said that the profit which he made was over $500 while the publisher MangaGamer can do hardly anything regarding the matter.

Source: Kotaku