Compared to Micron, Corsair’s DDR4 memory and Chi DDR4 memory. G.Skill Ripjaws 4 series DDR4 Memory may be came little late but, its make a worthful entry, if we see in terms of Specifications. Till now G.Skill Ripjaws 4 Series DDR4 Memory becomes the most comprehensive, lowest frequency of 2133MHz, the highest it can reach DDR4-3200MHz, the capacity provided by those RAMs are also very rich, in addition to 16GB and 32GB packages, as well as 64GB optional package is also available.

G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 Memory Hits 3200MHz frequency

G.Skill Ripjaws 4 DDR4 Prices List

The DDR4-2133 / 2400/2666 these three DDR4 memory timings are 15-15-15-35, voltage 1.2V, providing (4x4GB), (4x8GB), (8x4GB) and (8x8GB) three capacities in four kinds of Pairs.

The DDR4-2800MHz memory timing for 16-16-16-16-36, voltage 1.2V, also provides (4x4GB), (4x8GB), (8x4GB) and (8x8GB) three capacities of four kinds of suits.

The DDR4-3000MHz memory timing is 15-15-15-35, voltage 1.35V, there are (8x4Gb), (4x4GB), (8x4GB), three kinds of suits are available.

There is also a 3000Mhz , 16-16-16-36, voltage 1.35V, only 8GBx4 the 32GB kit is available as optional.

Most high-end DDR4-3200 memory timing 16-16-16-36, voltage 1.35V, capacity is only 4x4GB optional.

G.Skill has not released the official price of those candies but according to foreign media, Price would be as follows:

G.Skill DDR4-2400

  • 4x4GB: price of £ 239.99, red blue black tri-color optional
  • 4x8GB: price of £ 439.99, red blue black tri-color optional

G.Skill DDR4-2666

  • 4x4GB: price of £ 289.99, only the red
  • 4x8GB: price of £ 499.99, only the red

G.Skill DDR4-3000

  • 4x4GB: price of £ 379.99, only the red one