G .Skill, among the world’s major suppliers of enthusiast-class memory modules, at Computex unveiled its new Trident Z-series DDR4 memory solutions which will be targeted at high-performance systems. The kits are going to address not just to Intel X99 high-end desktop platform, However it also enthusiast-class Intel Z170 platforms featuring “Skylake” processors.

The new G.Skill Trident Z DDR4 memory modules offer the newest aggressively-styled heat-spreaders composed of anodized aluminium with customized bars of various color. The modules utilize black custom multi-layer printed circuit boards created to assure optimum overclocking potential and stability.


G .Skill wouldn’t demonstrate the specs of its Trident Z memory solutions yet, however they claimed that it will be offered as dual-channel and quad-channel kits starting up in July, 2015. Traditionally, dual-channel memory kits can boast higher “out-of-box” clock-rates in comparison to quad-channel sets of modules. Realizing that G .Skill’s quickest quad-channel DDR4 memory solutions operate at 3 .66GHz expect dual-channel Trident Z to hit something such as 3 .80GHz and, possibly, even higher clock-rates.

Rates of G .Skill’s Trident Z memory solutions remains to be noticed. Being that they are based on DDR4 DRAM ICs and are part of premium product segment, you should not assume them to be affordable.



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