G.Skill this week reported that an overclocker has figured out how to push its 4GB DDR4 memory module to 4.43GHz, another world record for this memory type.The overclocker utilized current-era top of the line desktop platform, so it is conceivable to expect that not long from now this record will be beaten.

Scratch Shih, an overclocker who meets expectations intently with Asrock, figured out how to overclock a G.Skill Ripjaws 4 4GB DDR4 memory module to walloping 4431MHz at the fourth yearly OC World Record Stage, which was co-facilitated by Intel, Samsung, G.Skill, Kingpin Cooling and driving manufacturer of mainboards.

Mr. Shih utilized a system powered by Intel Core i7-5960X microchip and also Asrock X99M Killer/3.1 motherboard. The processor was cooled-down utilizing liquid nitrogen and the module worked in single-channel mode. Timings and voltage of the module are obscure.

The accomplishment of Mr. Shih is somewhat vital in light of the fact that the past DDR4 overclocking record was around 4.25GHz. It is obvious that the new Ripjaws 4 memory modules from G.Skill’s highlight preferable overclocking potential over those launched a large portion of a year back.

G.Skill utilizes Samsung Electronics’ memory ICs [integrated circuits] on its Ripjaws 4 memory modules.