Home News G.Skill comes up with world’s fastest 128GB 2.80GHz DDR4 memory kit

G.Skill comes up with world’s fastest 128GB 2.80GHz DDR4 memory kit

G.Skill comes up with world’s fastest 128GB 2.80GHz DDR4 memory kit

With regards to top of the line memory modules for lovers, there is dependably a tradeoff between their clock-rates and limits. It is not simple to overclock DIMMs fueled by different memory ICs [integrated circuits], which is the reason it is convoluted to introduce a considerable measure of quick memory. Be that as it may, G.Skill on Thursday presented its most recent 128GB DDR4 memory unit that marries performance and capacity.

The new G.Skill Ripjaws 4 128GB DDR4 memory kit comprises of eight 16GB 288-pin modules taking into account Samsung’s 8Gb DDR4 chips made utilizing 20nm process node. Every module can work at up to 2800MHz with CL16 16-16-36 timings at 1.35V volts. The memory sticks highlight dark Ripjaws 4 aluminum heat sink. G.Skill will offer diverse forms of lover class 128GB DDR4 units with clock-speeds from 2133MHz to 2800MHz.

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The superior 128GB DDR4 packs are intended for Intel X99 stage and Core i7 5800/5900-arrangement “Haswell-E” chip. At the point when introduced, they give memory bandwidth of up to walloping 89.6GB/s. The modules completely backing Intel’s XMP 2.0 tech and can set their clock-rates – which surpass standard JEDEC-sanction DDR4 frequencies – naturally. The 128GB DDR4 units have been approved on Asus ROG X99 Rampage V mainboard.

G.Skill’s new 16GB DDR4 memory modules offers server standard capacities and amazing desktop-class performance. Such modules will be an incredible decision for individuals looking for greatest memory capcity (e.g., video creators, designers, and so forth.) who likewise need to play games with most extreme fps.

“During development of these DDR4 16GB modules, we see amazing future potential for 128GB (16GBx8) memory kits in extreme high capacity operation on upcoming platforms,” said Tequila Huang, vice president of research and development at G.Skill. “We will be witnessing the beginning of a new set of standards for extreme capacity and performance DDR4 memory kits on both current and future computing platforms. Needless to say, we are very excited for this release.”

G.Skill comes up with world’s fastest 128GB 2.80GHz DDR4 memory kit


The most recent G.Skill Ripjaws 4 128GB DDR4 memory units are secured with a constrained lifetime guarantee. G.Skill has not declared evaluating of its new modules and packs, however since we are discussing novel items that have no opponents, the cost could without much of a stretch surpass $1400. Actually, at present Newegg offers a quad-channel (4*32GB) DDR4 pack from Crucial for $2249.

Tell us in comments that, are you planning to get your hands on RAM kit even above 16 GB? Well simply NO, here.