Futuremark announces the development of its first benchmark pointed to virtual reality, which uses a combination of software and hardware to measure performance, latency and accuracy. According to the development team, this benchmark test the ability VRMark entitled to deliver a virtual reality experience high quality for a number of different content, from photos and videos, games and simulations.

Already more than a dozen of different VR headsets in various stages of development. Analysts predict that VR will reach 10.8 million users at the end of 2016, “said Jukka Mäkinen, Futuremark’s managing director. “But deliver a great experience VR depends heavily on performance several challenges. With VRMark we are aiming to help everyone from engineers from industry analysts and the press to the end user at home, to discover the best performance of VR technology.

VRMark test the stability of the entire VR system to see if it has the ability to maintain high frame rates per second through different quality settings and types of content. Also calculate latency tables, hardware response and the accuracy of sensors included in the hull, fundamental elements to not suffer dizziness or impaired vision during the experience.

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