Nvidia continues to make its G-Sync technology more accessible and its next move means that monitors with a G-Sync module will be compatible with VESA (Variable Refresh Rate) technology from VESA, which translates into graphics cards from AMD can work without problems with G-Sync monitors, although it will only be possible in future monitors that go on sale with such technology.

As indicated, this new decision by Nvidia will only work for future versions of monitors with the Nvidia G-Sync module. For the current ones, the manufacturers will supply a firmware so that G-Sync is compatible with the Vesa VRR standard, but this firmware will have no effect on the AMD Radeon, and that is neither the G-Sync v1 modules , nor the G- Sync v2 , will be compatible with the VRR for AMD, so they will remain locked to work exclusively with an Nvidia graphics card.

“Nvidia has confirmed that future screens with a G-sync module may be able to support both VRR for HDMI and Adaptive Sync for HDMI and DisplayPort. A firmware update of the G-Sync v1 and v2 hardware modules is being performed for future use, which allows these new functions. “

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