Recently, the Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone official website announced that, Sony Computer Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. New Project has been on the way and Sony will lease a 500 square meters warehouse for Model Testing and packaging of PS4. By the end of 2014 Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone would be capable of the annual output of 200,00 units.

FTA: Production plant capable of 200,000 PS4 units annually to operate by the end of 2014

PS4 Production

Last September, China free trade zone in Shanghai was the first wo lift the bump of Sony PS4 sales. In May this year, the Oriental Pearl announced that they will set up a joint venture in Shanghai. FTA (Shanghai’s Free Trade Zone) with Sony, FTA will do the Core job for them and is responsible for the complete production, marketing, Sony’s PS hardware and Software services and other main jobs related to the Sony products in China. Where the newly formed Sony Computer Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is mainly responsible for the sales.

According to the EIA report, the warehouse which is leased by Sony is located in a free trade zone area. Address: Delin Road No. 268, 113a site, the area covers around 500 Suqaremeters and will be divided into the following segments: test areas, storage areas and offices for employees, working days for annually 250 days.

The EIA report also confirmed this point that after the project will be completed. The amount involved in the packaging of 200,000 units per year, expected commissioning date of December 2014.

This means that Sony’s PS will be the fastest gaming Console can be listed at the end of this year or next year before the Spring Festival.

However, it should be noted that generally focuses on the environmental assessment report is to assess the impact on the environment, for some planning of the project itself, the possibility of including the size and production is still adjusting.

According to the official website of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the EIA Sony Computer Entertainment in the free trade zone above the new project has passed the examination and approval also.

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