NVIDIA is going to implement everything more friendly to the user, which in turn made us feel that corrupt the quality of PC Gaming. Nvidia’s pushing out another beta version of its GeForce Experience, building on the wonderful overhaul from a month ago that gives you a chance to play local co-op games with your faraway companions—regardless of the fact that they don’t have a gaming machine.

From December, the Game-Ready NVIDIA GeForce drivers must be downloaded from Experience registration


The maneuver is as simple as totalitarian: GameReady WHQL drivers will only be accessible through the application, and cannot be discharged otherwise.

From December, you won’t be able to get certified game ready drivers from NVIDIA, and besides, we should have to be compulsorily registered with an account of NVIDIA.

“We have two types of fields as the players. On the one hand, you have the casual gamer playing something or other, using their systems everyday and play as a hobby. They do not want to be flooded with these drivers [GameReady], “said Sean Pelletier Nvidia. “On the other side of the equation you have enthusiasts who are desperate to pre-load a game, they want to play the game on the day you leave, with all the best. That is obviously demographics to which drivers aim to Game Ready. We are addressing GFE as a single source of access for those gamers. “

This arbitrariness for drivers not only requires us to have an application that we don’t want, but in the future, would also prevent us to install previous versions of drives, which many know that work best for certain titles.

Source: pcworld

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