After a long wait Xbox One player can finally enjoy Red Dead Redemption through backwards compatibility feature. You can purchase it through the Xbox shop for Xbox one.

Red Dead Redemption On Xbox One

Red Dead Redemption

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Not only this, but Rockstar has to make the most of the additional content is free and that includes the Myths and Mavericks, Liars and Cheats, and the Legends and Killers.

Red Dead Redemption was released in 2010, it is one of the best Rockstar titles. From the below performance analysis of Digital Foundry we can see that the game is running more stable at 30FPS framerate during sections that dipped to 25 or even 20 on Xbox 360. We remind you that this is still essentially the Xbox 360 version of the game so no remastering here.

Let us know if you are waiting for Rockstar to announce PC and PS4 versions along with sequels too.

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