You could call it a friendly gathering of 65,000 or so football fans hanging out with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

While understated, that’s basically what Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida is prepping for on February 2, 2020, when the venue plays host to Super Bowl LIV.

Hard Rock Stadium is home to the NFL’s Miami Dolphins. Opened in 1987 as Joe Robbie Stadium, this trusty warm weather shed was the site of five previous Super Bowls as well as the Miami (then Florida) Marlins MLB franchise from 1993-2011.

At 33, Hard Rock Stadium is an elder statesman as NFL venues go. But it looks and feels brand new thanks to recent tech facelifts.

With the NFL’s championship moment less than a month away, we’re about to know which two playoff teams in the odds for Super Bowl LIV will faceoff in Miami. What’s already clear is that fans attending the big game will get a winning experience with these four ultra-modern amenities.

Living Rooms…in the Stadium

Enhancing fan experience was central to the upgrades at Hard Rock Stadium. The first phase in 2015–the stadium’s total renovation took place over three off-seasons–included replacing every seat in the house.

Fans now have the option of enjoying the game from “Living Room” boxes which combine game-day thrill with at-home conveniences. That means comfy recliners, programmable high-def TVs, and access to an indoor lounge when it’s time for a reprieve from an early-season Miami heatwave.

Digital Concierge Network 

While players competing in the Super Bowl are all business, the fans get to kick back with food and beverages.

To modernize the concession experience, Hard Rock Stadium partnered with tech-leader Samsung. Samsung TVs throughout the venue display concession menus, making it easy for game-goers to browse the plethora of eats. Fans can also order and pay for items from their mobile devices.

Shelter from the Storm (and Sun)

Sometimes modernization requires solutions to age-old problems. That was the case when Hard Rock Stadium officials tackled the issue of shielding fans from South Florida’s driving rain and blistering sun.

An open-air canopy was introduced as the crowning architectural element. This innovative structure sits atop the stadium and extends over the seating bowl to protect fans from the elements. It also traps crowd noise so fans know when to crank up the cheers.

The Longest Ribbon Display Around

The trend in digital displays found at stadiums is bigger and better. Hard Rock Stadium went with an emphasis on “long” this past offseason with a new-for-2019 LED ribbon display.

Built and installed by Daktronics, the 360-degree LED ribbon measures 2,105 feet long and 3.5 feet high. It’s the longest continuous LED display in all of pro sports and stretches around the entire seating fascia of the venue.