Although the new IP of Ubisoft is primarily touted as an online 4vs4 multiplayer title, but now Ubisoft is reiterating that For Honor will have a player Full single campaign, contrary to Rainbow Six Patriots, whose campaign was canceled, then Ubisoft decided to go to the multiplayer Rainbow Six Siege, which fortunately did not disappoint.

For Honor will also feature Single Player Campaign Mode

During E3 2015, one of the game developers said:

“We said [For Honor] will have a single player campaign, and I promise you there will be a full single player campaign. It is one of the key aspects in which to work. “

As you can see in the video, beyond explaining the battle, For Honor fill the field of combat bots, like Titanfall, to fill the absences that clearly leaves the limit of 4 Vs 4 players. In combat we will have a system they call “Art of Battle”, which allows us, once marked the enemy gun position and attack from different angles, while we see how we attack our opponent, to counteract.

Denote factions are the Vikings, Samurai and the Knights, and each character can be customized in the chest, shoulders and helmet.

Still no release date for this promising title, but it is already confirmed to hit next-generation consoles and the PC.

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