Fortunately, not everything is out as sequels, spin-offs and mobile games of the same franchises ever, during E3, Ubisoft brightened a little more with the introduction of a new multiplayer hack-and-slash title namely For Honor.

For Honor – New Game from Ubisoft; First Trailer and Gameplay video


It is an interesting proposal multiplayer combat taking something of the spirit of Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, and raises the world triple A, with great graphics and controls that seem to give that touch of accessibility needed to enjoy it.


As you can see in the video of gameplay, beyond explaining the battle, For Honor fill the field of combat bots, like Titanfall, to fill the absences that clearly leaves the limit of 4 on 4 players . In combat we will have a system they call “Art of Battle”, which allows us, once marked the enemy gun position and attack from different angles, while we see how we attack our opponent, to counteract.

Denote factions are the Vikings, Samurai and the Knights, and each character can be customized in the chest, shoulders and helmet.

Still no estimated release date.