As we had mentioned a few months ago, the Japanese market has been strongly inclined to publish their games on the PC platform, and although many of the ports leave something to be desired, these signals show that the PC is in its best business time.

But nothing is clearer than publishing own sales numbers, such as those published by Capcom about their digital sales following the announcement of the launch of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen for the PC.

As per report, PC platform contributes 40 of total digital sales of the Japanese company, followed by a 30 PSN (Playstation all), 20 for Xbox Live (last two Xbox), and 10 for Nintendo.

The data is important because whenever sales are calculated, the custom of the collectors of information is only looking at the field of physical products, leaving in great disadvantage to the PC platform, as it is well known the large margin of advantage leading stores like Steam, Origin GOG and Greenman Gaming. And worse, sites like Steamspy, which often has served as a reference to compare specific sales of certain titles, generally have a lower value of the real, because they calculate sales of  public profiles for the platform, when the vast majority are in private.

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