Who does not remember the glorious times of Shiny Entertainment and Planet Moon Studio, studios that surprised us with revolutionary titles like MDK, Sacrifice, Messiah, Earthworm Jim and Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

First Wonder – The spiritual Successor to MDK and Giants: Citizen Kabuto; Screenshots


First Wonder is the new project of Rogue Rocket Games, an indie studio that in principle consists of Nick Burry and Sun Rich, ex-developers Shiny and Planet Moon. His first game was the humble Gunpowder, but this time go for a more ambitious project that aims to capture the essence of the aforementioned classics.

First Wonder mixture of arcade action in the third person with acrobatic aerial moves in a fantasy world world open-world. First Wonder is full of humor with memorable characters that will face the deadly giant Mostro. A corporation convinces people in alien planet Majorca to hand over land to build a resort, but in its wake wake the giant and our characters (the Cargonautas) they will be caught in the planet and with this monster who plans to destroy as part of an ancient prophecy.

Players can also use Monstro, who is equipped with tremendous skills (similar to that of Evolve, so to speak) and jump great distances, offensive moves of attack, taking advantage of the natural formations of the islands of Majorca to move easily. Our team Cargonautas not be sufficiently prepared to deal with the giant, so that will require all their ingenuity, traps and other tools to beat him.

The studio plans to show its first prototype at PAX in late August, and launched a campaign of crowdfunding in late 2015.

Please note that the images below are of very early version: