We already have the first pictures of the PlayStation VR with its external processing unit, which has a very similar to the PlayStation 4 design, but with dimensions of 140 x 140 x 35 mm. Thanks to this unit, it is expected that the PlayStation 4 could handle 60 frames Frames per second exceeding at least a refresh rate of 75 Hz which requires in the world of Virtual Reality.

PlayStation VR with the processing box unveiled


According to Ram Madhavan, the processing unit doesmost of the heavy lifting when it comes to producing low-latency images. The same is being done for audio processing. The external drive is compatible with 3D audio binaural and allow the PlayStation 4 exceed its power range of 1.84 Tflops, but has not yet detailed the hardware that hides the processing unit and the final power to manage the PlayStation 4, but it should be close to 3 Tflops (Vs 3.5 Tflops of GeForce GTX 970).

Although we’ll have to wait until a commercial launch later in 2016 to find out what is inside one of these things, we do know it’s actively cooled, so must have a fair bit of grunt to it.


via: KitGuru

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