It’s fascinating to see how technology is evolving day by day, the things we just watch in the movies suddenly become a reality. Especially when technology brings a very positive impact on the people. The person who definitely appreciates the efforts of scientists is no doubt Leslie Baugh, 40 years ago in an accident, he lost both of his hands – now both arms can function normally again.

The first man with two Robotic Arms 


Researchers from Johns Hopkins University laboratory designed and tested a system that can communicate with the brain and able to provide relevant information (and instructions) to two robotic hands. This allows the user (in this case, Leslie) can control the arms and hands just like 40 years back.

Robotic hands are “pinned” to the Leslie’s body, after which a series of tests was carried out. This man is controlling hands of his thoughts just like a normal person and he can perform simple tasks requiring in general normal life. Everything went very successfully. The only difference is that the user is not able to control the two arms at the same time.

The technology is still being developed, and we will be able to see more improvements in it which will change the life of many peoples. We can say Scientists are in a really good way to success. What once was unthinkable, now it is a reality.

Source: Neowin