In December, it was disclosed that Intel could license the AMD graphics technology for integration into its future processors. The rumors are growing stronger to the point that now industry sources indicate that the first product of this collaboration between Intel and AMD would arrive this year. According to Kyle Bennett, published in its own forum @Hard | OCP the first product equipped with Intel Intellectual Property of an AMD Radeon graphics could be a special microarchitecture – based on Kaby Lake processor accompanied by AMD graphics.

Bennett added that the Intel processor could be a multi-chip module (MCM) with the matrix of the Radeon GPU separated from the matrix of the CPU, it will not be a component that is within the die itself as with Intel HD graphics. This would mean that AMD would supply the almost finished chips to Intel, which would be manufactured in their trusted locations such as Global Foundries or TSMC, so as not to give sensitive designs to Intel manufacturers.

The result could be a product of mid – range, which means that Intel tries to target the consumer segment, and not necessarily the conglomerate workstation. As already mentioned above Kaby Lake with Radeon technology will be mid-range processors, which are likely to be around $ 249 and capable of running games in 1080p at 60fps (depending on the game and level of detail). Bennett concludes that one could expect further collaboration between Intel and AMD regarding their graphical IP in the future of which both companies will benefit.