We already have the first proof that Intel has made a collaboration with AMD regarding its graphic licenses, since benchmarking software Sisoft unveils an unknown CPU that stands out for incorporating Intel HD Graphics Gen9 integrated graphics, the surprise is that the code name ” 693C: C0 ” which belongs to an AMD.

First Intel Kaby Lake-G CPU with AMD Radeon Graphics

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This processor would belong to the Intel Kaby Lake-G family, the rumored family of processors that would incorporate AMD Radeon graphics under the AMD VEGA  architecture working at 1.00 GHz attached to an HBM2 memory.

The same GPU is discovered as an AMD solution via GFXBench:

Luckily, this GPU has also gone through the benchmarking software GFXBench showing its performance, its performance is inferior to an Intel Iris Pro 5200, being even further away from the Iris Pro 6200. There is still a plenty of time left for this and this is an engineering sample, so the important thing here is to confirm is that Intel will use AMD graphics as rumored, a rumor that seemed to contradict with the arrival of the new Apple iMac without seeing these new CPUs implemented, although Apple always prefers to update its hardware later.

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