Flash-based TLC Samsung 840 Evo SSDs have not completely get rid of the speed issue, a new generation of Samsung’s flagship 850 Pro also recently ran into trouble, though not out of speed, but in other serious troubles – some users after upgrading the latest firmware the 850 Pro SSD bricked up and unrecognizable in the BIOS. Now Samsung has pulled the latest firmware.

Firmware upgrade caused 850 Pro SSDs bricked, Samsung withdraws latest firmware


From Guru3d reports of view, some of the Samsung 850 Pro SSDs after using the official firmware upgrade Magician software does not recognize the code in the BIOS.  Here is an example of such a user experience — read after the update gets bricked:

I just upgraded the firmware today(just released) on my Samsung 850 Pro SSD using samsung’s Magician Software and everything went fine and the PC automatically shutdown. I waited a few seconds after the PC shut down and now I only get a black screen with a movable cursor. I’m currently using parted magic 2013 build to research how to fix this and I don’t have another PC at the moment.

Things I’ve tried.
1. safe mode doesn’t work
2. startup repair didn’t fix anything.
3. Low res start up didn’t fix the problem.
4. in parted magic it looks like all my files are still there.

The lead brick culprit is the Samsung firmware EXM02B6Q released in mid-February, it would have improved the 850 Pro compatibility, improved performance SATA 3Gbps interface, but now they stir up another trouble. The Samsung’s official website has withdrawn 850 Pro on the latest firmware, for detailed solutions you will have to wait for some time until officials released the cure for it.

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