As we all know, the memory unit and a storage unit on the phone are independent separate chip particles, they occupy a certain position of the phone space, but now with the new changes, Samsung students to use high (hei) technological means, combining them together, not separately!

Finally together, Samsung RAM + eMMC integrated Soc


Samsung LP 3GB DDR3 -1 866 memory unit and 32GB eMMC storage unit integrated into a single entity particles, Fengyun SoC volume only 15x15x1.4mm. Figuratively speaking only the size of a fingernail.

This new packaging technology called ePoP, called the embedded package. Samsung Wood has revealed in what process technology, but said Soc provide 64bit I / O bandwidth (not clear that is also eMMC of RAM Bus).

Anyway, this is definitely a big innovation, you can make future mobile phone even lighter and thinner, really looking forward to it in the Galaxy S6 or above.

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