In early today Square Enix announced the release date of its expected Final Fantasy XV which will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 30. Now consoles are more powerful, so Square Enix developed its new game with giant map. The idea is to make players really feel all locations in the game are connected, so they were connected, literally. This idea feeds back into something shown earlier on in XV’s development: a trailer beginning with the phrase, “This is a fantasy based on reality.”

“The towns and the cultural references that you see throughout the world, you’ll get a sense of realistic towns and cultures,” Tabata said. “That’s one aspect that has remained since the title was first named Versus XIII.

“The first town that was showcased was based on Shinjuku in Japan, and one area we showed in December [in the most recent trailer] was based on Havana in Cuba,” he explained. “And the other watery town we showed is based on Venice. So those are some cultural references that have been made within the game.”

Final Fantasy XV Will Arrive In September, Trailer Reveals Flying Cars

The game is coming this year, after almost a decade since its official announcement with the former title Final Fantasy Versus XIII.  Previously, there were lots of rumors about its release date, but today Square Enix confirmed it.

As in the great Final Fantasy there are always inclusion of excited mini-games and in Final Fantasy XV these new mini-games combine with arcade, pinball and fights available for both phones and tablets. The game will have its own movie and anime called “Brothergood – Final Fantasy XV” consisting of 5 episodes and it will be free before the game is released.

The Platinum Demo is available, and the Deluxe Special Edition that will come in a very limited quantity (30,000 units), which includes DLC’s, a Blu-ray with film and anime, the soundtrack, a figure of Noctis, an art book and a metal box.




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