Final Fantasy XV was officially announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The funny thing is that the PC version is not officially announced, but it has not stopped the company to talk about the improvements that will be implemented on the PC version. According to Hajime Tabata, director of game, Final Fantasy XV for the PC will serve as a showcase to show the full potential of its technology, which is not deployed in its version for console due to hardware limitations.

Final Fantasy XV on PC will boast its Graphic potential Which is not possible on Consoles


Hajime Tabata said that the PC version of Final Fantasy XV would be a showcase to display their technology, because it really goes a step beyond what the consoles are capable of achieving. He said the game will be a “different kind of project“. He said that they will implement the latest technology, something not possible on consoles because they have serious limitations of hardware.

He added that if the team builds a version of the game focused solely for the PC,  they will have to do a technology overhaul, and completely redo some of the R&D testing to see what new stuff they can “rebuild the game”. The PC version is not confirmed, but Tabata says he wants to work on a PC version of the game once the console version will reach to its future owners.

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