A couple of weeks ago, Square Enix finally confirmed Final Fantasy XV for PC platform after almost a year of its release on consoles.

As announced by the developers, the PC version will have more options in terms of visual enhancements and high resolution as well as freedom of access to all type of game mods. However, the game director Hajime Tabata has shown his concerns towards the most common nude mods which are currently available to the game but he said that they are not going to impose any kind limitation for the usage of mods.

As the players will be paying for FFXV, they should be given full access while the usage of nude mods will be left on ‘moral sense’ of PC players. The statement was given during his interview at the Gamescom last month. But during his recent interview with PC Gamer at PAX West, he indicated that the nude mods may cause players with access to the future mods.

He said that they are not going to put limitations on the usage of certain kinds of mode and wants players to enjoy the game with full freedom but if things go beyond their control, they might have step in to field, which can possibly affect future mods. Here’s what he said;

“If things are taken a little too far, it might affect and influence the possibility of mods for future Final Fantasy games. So if there’s anything we could say, it’s to try to be as controlled as possible.”

Furthermore, he also added that the modding community can expect a lot of options on the PC version as it is being designed ‘differently’ and they can continue their journey with more excitement the way they believe it should be.

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Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is scheduled for release sometime ‘early 2018’. The game is currently available to PS4 and Xbox One players. Stay tuned for more updates!

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