Final Fantasy XV is available on PC platform for a while, thus enjoying the perks of game mods and other tweaks done by the users. Let it be any game, modding is always fun as users are allowed to add anything they want inside the game.

Thanks to the Steam modder Jazneo who created one of the most amazing mod featuring iconic characters who really made our childhood special, The Power Rangers. Yes, the new mod brings four Power Rangers (Blue, Black, Green, and Red) into the game with their weapons.

It feels like dream coming true. It seems that Pink and Yellow Rangers are not included in the mod, but that’s not a big deal as we can enjoy the added four ones roaming around the game with their power sword, power lance, power dagger and much more.

Have a look into the mod’s trailer below;

What do you think of this new mod? Surely playing this mod will bring some of the memories from 90’s when we all used to watch this amazing show almost daily. The mod is available for download from here.

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Final Fantasy XV is now available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!

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