Nobody can’t get enough of Final Fantasy just like the Square Enix also recently announced the first expansion of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn which includes a teaser trailer and some details about what the Expansion got for us in the store. With more cool details coming on October 25 at the London Fan Festival the expansion is all set to be released on Spring, 2015 next year and the name of the expansion is Heavensward.

Final Fantasy’s Expansion Heavensward will give us more new locations to explore, which includes The Holy See of Ishgard a kind of city then we can explore more open-world areas including more dungeons. Heavenwards primary location will be The Holy See of Ishgard, the expanded main focus will be ending Ishgard and its neighboring Dravnia war, which has been going on for a 1000 year, The battles will be more pretty cool in this expansion.

But that’s not all, do you guys want to level up more than 50? Well then be happy because the level cap is raised to 60. There will be more added levels and more raids to become the one at the top. You will be able to enjoy new gear, jobs, airships and primals. Then a new playable race will be also added to Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward but we have no news of it yet, hopefully we will be able to know on 25th October.

Final Fantasy is currently one of the most popular MMOs, game out there, Square Enix also recently said that Final Fantasy XIV has surpassed two million subscribers and have had more than five hundred thousand players online at the same time. Now for those who love Final Fantasy this a great news for them.

Final Fantasy XIV is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. The Heavensward expansion will make its way on spring, 2015 next year. Do you guys think we will get to see more features in Final Fantasy XIV’s Heavensward Expansion?