Despite having an ambiguous reception (but mostly positive) by the fans in the new combat system of real time, Square Enix forgot to mention that the remake of the popular Final Fantasy will be released in several parts or episodes, a not so small detail that in fact mentioned in the official site, and confirmed through an interview with Yoshinori Kitase, producer of the title in question.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be Episodic – First details; Gameplay Trailer



This is not necessarily a bad thing actually could be very positive, because it will give Square Enix the opportunity to significantly improve the classic Playstation. Kitase says that this project will not be an ordinary remake, will not be a mere title that fans simply play for nostalgia. It goes beyond that, modifying the combat system, scenarios and bring many surprises for the fans.

Here are some noteworthy interview snippets from Famitsu:

  • The official title is Final Fantasy VII Remake. This is because they wanted to convey to users that it’s a remake rather than a spin-off or sequel.
  • Various companies, including CyberConnect2, are assisting development. However, CyberConnect2’s production tastes differ from that of Square Enix’s, so the two companies are keeping very close with each other. Director Tetsuya Nomura was annoyed by the direction of the latest trailer, so Square Enix changed it to be closer to its own style.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children‘s models aren’t being used because they’re more than 10 years old and are too deformed (in the sense that they’re unrealistic). Each part of the remake’s models have been adjusted many times over to be a proper balance between realistic and deformed.
  • The entirety of the latest trailer is all in-game, except for the snippets from the E3 2015 teaser trailer. You can alter the camera angle during the train scene.
  • Cloud looks skinny due to his white skin and the lighting.
  • The scenario where Cloud cross-dresses for Don Corneo will still be in the game, but it hasn’t been designed yet.
  • The ATB gauge is there, but it’s not the type where you wait for it to fill up and then attack. Instead, it’s its own system that lends to the action of this game. Its name might also be changed. Nomura says you should pay particular attention to when the gauge turns red.
  • There are three-member parties and you can switch freely between them. You can also just control one character if you don’t want to switch.
  • You’ll be able to explore various locations in Midgar that you couldn’t explore in the original game.
  • The quality of the latest trailer is just the starting point. Now that they’re able to showcase the direction of the remake, they’re moving into polishing.
  • Kitase said that this remake could not be developed in one part because there are so many new places to visit, including Midgar areas that could not be accessed in the original version. The scenarios are much more detailed, as seen in Street No. 8 in the video of gameplay.
  • While the combat system will be in real time with an emphasis on action, but also make use of the ATB system ( Active Time Battle) and Limit Gauge, but with new variants.
  • As for the speed of the battle and feel the rhythm, Tetsuya Nomura (director and artist remake) said they are considering something similar to Dissidia Final Fantasy. In fact the action will feel something like “Dissidia FF> Kingdom Hearts> FF7 Remake”.
  • All showing in the trailer (except as already seen in the E3 2015) is in-game, including the scene where Cloud off the train
  • The party again be 3 characters and can control one of them. The designs of all the members have been redesigned.

While it has not been confirmed for PC, Square Enix says the remake of Final Fantasy VII Playstation 4 come first, which means that sooner or later come to other platforms. With filtration that Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD via Steam, we just need to make sure announced the XV.

If you want to download the trailer in high quality, click on this link.

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