Perhaps it is time that we should open a section entitled “Japan understands nothing” because it is not the first time we are dealing with a Japanese port which nowhere near to the expectations of the PC platform. We understand that they will exist to occupy PC market, but not to understand the needs of players of the Master Race.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Locked at 30fps / 1080p


To no one’s surprise, this time it’s the turn of Final Fantasy Type 0 HD, the game series that saw its origins in the Sony PSP and was taken to consoles in larger size, finding a place also in the PC, but with a 30fps blockade unfortunate, and even worse, no mouse support.

They do not misread, we are more than 40 years after the invention of elementary peripheral for anyone who sits at a computer and Square Enix decides to ignore it completely, forcing us to play a Final Fantasy only with a keyboard, or directly use a Gamepad.

Finally, being the least surprising for a port of this type, the designers have decided to offer only 720p and 1080p resolutions to full screen, which forces us to downsampling for those with less resolution monitor, or eat us pixels in size console.

A stain on the discredited faction Master Race of the eastern industry. A shame.


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