Square Enix’s “Final Fantasy” series of games relying on a huge worldwide and enduring excellent system design, on the platform for the PS4 Final Fantasy 15th work is being developed on the occasion, the production company did not forget to pull out the old works again fishing for the money.

Foreign media broke the news today, can be used for the PC version of “Final Fantasy 3” has appeared in the German database among rating agencies, but it also means that this classic JRPG game following the PlayStation, DS, iOS, Android and further expansion its own “sphere of influence.”

Final Fantasy 3 PC

Before that, Square Enix will be “Final Fantasy 7” and “Final Fantasy 8” intergenerational game ported to the PC platform.

According to the official statement, which is not the same old stuff called money pit, “but in order to allow more players to experience these classic works, and understanding the” Final Fantasy “.