Square Enix today confirmed that, Final Fantasy 12 remaster: The Zodiac Age will be launched in 2017 for Playstation 4.

Final Fantasy 12 remaster: The Zodiac Age Coming in 2017; Screenshots and Trailer

Apart from announcement, Square Enix has additionally released some screenshots and an official teaser trailer, which can be seen above:

Additionally, Square Enix confirmed that the game will use International Zodiac Job System for a step up. This will basically change the way characters are level-up in the game, since every one of them hosts an altered part in the gathering.

At the moment game is only confirmed for Japan, but the HUD and subtitles found in the screenshots are all in English. This in a roundabout way goes out to affirm that the game will surely arrive in West some time later.

Besides, given the details of Final Fantasy games effectively accessible on a PC, it doesn’t bode well to keep Final Fantasy 12 Remaster: The Zodiac Age a Playstation 4 elite title.

Final Fantasy 12 Remaster is the most recent passage of Final Fantasy remaster games, booked to release after 11 years of the arrival of the first game on PS2.

Below you can see the lists of improvements:

Visual Improvements

  • High-resolution upgrades for backgrounds, character models, and all 2D parts including fonts
  • High-resolution upgrades for movie scenes
  • Introduction of current generation visual expression

Sound Improvements

  • 7.1ch surround support
  • High-quality voice support
  • English and Japanese voices (switch between them in the game configuration)
  • Original and newly re-recorded BGMs (switch between them in the game configuration)

Usability Improvements

  • Shorter load times
  • Auto-save functionality added
  • Improved speed mode and speed mode operability