Ever since covid-19 shut the world down, people have been looking for different ways to get their competitive fix, eSports stepped up to the plate. Whether that was done through watching new things, playing in competitive tournaments or even betting your hard earned cash on the vast array of eSports that picked up in popularity massively, it was safe to say that video games played a huge part in the global lockdown schemes.

Retailers found themselves selling out of every console available, computer parts were hard to find and people stopped selling their excess tech second hand, but if you were lucky enough to acquire some new stuff or already had the gear, you had plenty of time on your hands, is now the time to discover a new talent? A new CAREER path? Maybe eSports is the life for you!

One eSport that picked up a lot of new viewers, in particular, is FIFA, with sports networks clamouring for content to fill the gaps left by the lack of live sports due to lockdown, FIFA was the perfect way to get the viewers in, everybody knows FIFA right? But the kicker here was, the tournaments they hosted, had pretty special contenders. Sky Sports hosted an ePremier League, featuring contestants that actually PLAYED for their Premier League teams, players like Trent-Alexander Arnold playing for Liverpool and Raheem Sterling playing for Manchester City… But in FIFA? What’s not to like?

Of course, the whole idea behind this was to increase the popularity of the already MASSIVE FIFA even more and bring in more viewers to its somewhat popular eSports scene. While it did already have a pretty big following, exposing the excitement of highly skilled gamers competing at the highest level could only help the eSport grow. You know what? It did. The following few tournaments found increasing numbers of viewers, and with new viewers, you bring in more people looking to make it more exciting, those who love to bet!

Plenty of betting websites have found themselves giving odds on eSports given everything that has currently happened when everything else had to slow down, eSports flew to the forefront of the minds of the masses. If you’re like me you ended up chucking a fair few bets in, unfortunately, I never got very lucky, hopefully, the gods were on your side! If you haven’t tried eSports betting, it’s worth a shot, especially if you’re a nerd like me, but it’s good to know that with Bookmaker you can find live lines for sports sims, like FIFA etc. I’m pretty sure I even saw a Farming Simulator eSport was starting up, that’d be an interesting thing to throw some pennies at.

Speaking of “throwing pennies” at stuff, we all know the siren that is FIFA Ultimate team, the ultimate arcadey spin on an otherwise fun sim game, where you get to spend… lots of your hard-earned money on yet another gambling mechanic! You get to open packs hoping for great players. I know this seems out of the blue, but one of the most entertaining game modes with a competitive element, their FUT champions competitive mode brings in large amounts of viewers on Twitch TV, yet more opportunities to bring in revenue for both EA and the punters. Of course it isn’t the same sim style gameplay as the regular game but it’s more entertaining, in my opinion… BACK TO SIMS!

Sports sims are a fantastic thing, they’re entertaining to play, exciting to stick a bet on, and in some cases, super useful. Did you know, a lot of professional football teams use Football Manager for their scouting? How crazy is that! If the professionals can do it, it might be worth using to pad out your fantasy football team with sheer bargains! I mean, it might work, right? There’s that factor of realism but so much fun! When you add the competitive element, it’s a winning combination.

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