Some retailers broke the street and game started selling way before release, few players are actually even leaking gameplay videos with stunning visuals. Also, there are lots of screenshot has been leaked every day. The graphics and visual quality are absolutely wow, but not have that much hype as it was at E3. As you can see dazzling daytime gameplay leaked via PS4 user showing good colour tone, nice textures and very much enhanced graphics, but it is not as same as they were extra realistic in E3. But as we know Ubisoft is working with Nvidia to bring WOW charm to PC visuals. We are not yet sure as they will par or will be better than E3, just we have to wait till then enjoy the exposed video in dazzling daylight.

Feast Your Eyes On Two New Leaked Assassin’s Creed Unity PS4 Gameplay Videos

Assassin’s Creed Unity both titles for the current Generation consoles will be available for the next week on November 11. The players who are already playing this game post lots of content on the internet showing that Assassin’s Creed Unity indeed looks stunning and is worth all the hype. But those videos and GIFs also suggest that the game is plagued with in-game bugs and glitches, most notably, NPC and texture pop-ins and color change. While these bugs are quite notable and can maim gameplay experience, so we can expect that the Day 1 patch will fix these issues.

Assassin’s Creed Unity is giving Ubisoft a really hard time, More than they even asked for. Everybody have big and bright ideas when they start something new just like that Ubisoft also had big ideas when they first started Assassin’s Creed Unity development in 2010 (Yup it’s been 4 years). Assassin’s Creed Unity will definitely live up to the hype, but the leaked Gameplay videos and screenshots are not up to the mark.

Assassin’s Creed Unity will be coming to Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and XBox One on November 13.

  • Matt

    The lighting and crowds, streets and buildings look really nice, but he climbs things so effortlessly it makes it look fake, like an older video game. Would also rather it have French dialogue in the U.S. release (with subtitles), so that it gives a feeling of the setting.

    • Did you see the weird sword attack thing? It leaves some sort of weird trail whenever you swing your sword, it seems very distracting to me.

      • Amith Thomas

        Yeah, I saw that. Every other game wants to use that, and it sucks. Really annoying imo :/

  • Guest

    Dem downgraded graphics. DAT power of the PS4.

    • andy

      All footage to date has been on Xbone and ran at a stuttering mess. So why are you butthurt AND buying THAT version then??? You really confuse me sometimes.

      • Amir Aizad

        All those footage are running on PC . Digital Foundry said that .

  • Nuno Marques

    Ubisoft should look at the animations in FFXV, specially when it comes to interaction with other NPC’s.

  • Sorry Guys now both videos has been blocked. If I can find some more I’ll update. Then again the game comes out in seven days.