At the moment there are no known global victims of been hacked by an Iranian hacker group known as Operation Cleaver. But, the FBI is not going to take any chances. Office published a report to warn some companies, agencies and organizations that they could become a target. According to information published by Reuters, although Iranian hackers are not mentioned anywhere as the organizer, the fact is that they have lots of sources in Tehran which are leaving lots of doubts.

FBI warns of Cyber Threats from Iranian Hackers


Among the companies that have received a warning from the FBI are primarily companies from the defense industry, educational institutions and energy companies. These objectives coincide with the information provided earlier by Cylance, they first identified the Operation cleaver. According to them, government agencies and aerospace industry – both in the United States and Europe or Asia are on a red alert.

The Iranian government has denied about the presence of such hacking group. The accusations coming from the United States called “attempts to destroy the image of the Iranian government, aimed at hindering the ongoing nuclear talks.” According to Reuters quoted statements by experts, these attacks should be connected with the network breaches US Navy in 2013, which also had a source in Tehran.

According to Cylance, there are already more than 50 victims of Operation Cleaver in 16 Countries, but no names were disclosed. When the FBI comes into play, it is likely that, we are dealing with a serious matter.

Source: SlashGear