The folks at Digital Foundry already  already got their hands on the Far Cry Primal for PlayStation 4, the game is developed on Dunia 2 graphics engine, running at full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels supported by the Ubisoft’s HRAA post-processing, a technique that generates a “hybrid reconstruction” featuring X4 super sampling with a temporal component that is also flashing camera shake, but the game still has trouble processing shaders, skin properly, resulting in artifacts as very bright moving animals. All this makes the game come to a run at 30 FPS.

Far Cry Primal under the microscope in PlayStation 4, on 1080p @30 FPS

From the first scene of hunting, Far Cry Primal boasts a greater use of Volumetric effects, in particular, simulating the light fog (which is thicker the more you give yourself at distance), until now this detail was only implemented in Far Cry 4 for PC high quality, although not as complete, but they have raised the bar without seeing a dismal performance.

Animations have also gained quality, like the face of the characters, which were captured by sensors for added realism. All this is reflected in the beta released, now we are waiting to compare the Playstation 4 version with the PC and the Xbox One. For Microsoft’s console things are a bit worst, since it will run at 1440 x 1080p with its own variation of filter HRAA to its lowest settings.

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