Far Cry Primal has been released for Xbox one and Ps4, while the PC version will be released on 1st, march. Today we have a performance and graphics comparison of Far Cry Primal. First, start with the performance comparison on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version. The game is running at full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels on Playstation 4 while Microsoft console makes it to 1440 x 1080p. Both consoles running the game at already popular 30 Frames per second.

Far Cry Primal: PC vs Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 Graphics Comparison

In the comparison of Digital Foundry see nothing remarkable, both consoles are running Far Cry Primal at about solid 30 FPS, which highlights the Xbox One is in the color palette, much more alive than the visual provided by PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the video prevents to see a good graphical difference. So for graphical comparison, we go with the folks from Candyland to see if it works, in addition to add the PC in the comparison.

As you can see, curiously the colors are so remarkable between the two platforms, besides being able to see how the PlayStation 4 offers greater draw distance, slightly more successful shadows, and improved mammoth fur. Better not to talk about the PC version, as the PC version (press review version with the latest patch (ca. 900 MB, 1.1.0) is looking almost same as the console version, well it is normal if we recognize that we are in the body of Far Cry 4 with some new assets. In the PC version of Far Cry Primal, NVIDIA Hairworks wasn’t included as fur option, which is surprising since it was available in Far Cry 4 together with other NVIDIA GameWorks options.

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