It seems that the mysterious game that Ubisoft refuses to show for five hours, presenting only a streaming live video on YouTube announcing the launch of a new game in the coming days. Officially, we don’t have any data for now, but Jason Schreier from Kotaku magazine indicates that it could be the next iteration in the Far Cry series set in a prehistoric environment. From the video you can see nothing but a painted cave, which is nothing less than a new Far Cry about.

Far Cry: Primal will be set in the Ice Age


The new game in the series will be called Far Cry: Primal, and will be located in the distant past of mankind, in the Ice Age. According to the anonymous source, in this game we will see mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and many more animals of that time, and probably accompanied by tribal fighting with bows and spears.

Twitter account of IGN Turkey also leaked the name of the game, along with what could become the first promotional image of the title, and they quickly remove it too.


We stand expectantly, waiting for the new ad. Surely it would be a sort of spin-off, based on the structure of Far Cry 4, as it was Blood Dragon for Far Cry 3.

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