It was already known that the Far Cry Primal is the Far Cry 4 with a new flavor of Stone Age, but is was not expected that they will develop new game on a topographical replica map found in Far Cry 4. It was so obvious that one can easily notice it with the naked eye.

The easiest way to detect similarities between the two maps is to compare water reservoirs and rivers. Based on this, we can assume that the developers of Ubisoft made ​​use of Kyrat from Far Cry 4, made it a little smaller and then modified it a bit, in hopes that we would not notice what was going on. In order to show these speculations, the portal gamepressure prepared two images that are showing the comparison between Far Cry 4 and Far Cry Primal map. Water reservoirs and rivers have been marked with red lines. It is easy to see that the map of Far Cry Primal has undergone minor changes: water reserves have been connected to streams and rivers, but others have been left intact.

The road network is too similar. What’s more, the areas that previously had bridges to cross water, now fords have been replaced with water in some places. It is not difficult to notice the general form of the game world also. Oh, the people of Takkar are located exactly in the same place where Far Cry 4 villagers used to (cool!).



Far Cry Primal had its console debut on February 23, 2016 and it was released on PC on March 1, 2016.

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